Remember These Effective Sign Design Tips

Putting up signs outside your business establishment shows that you welcome people. You want them to know what you offer and come inside to satisfy their curiosity. They might not necessarily purchase your products, but you will at least make them consider your company. They could decide to spend money the next time.

Attractive signage could increase curiosity, while signage that does not have any appeal will end up getting ignored. Remember these tips as you begin to design the signage to use.

Keep everything visible

You want people to see the signage from afar. Even if they are still far from the actual location of the business, they already know what to find. It is like a guiding star that helps them locate your business. If the signs are not too visible, you are only attracting the attention of those who are already nearby.

Do not sell anything

The signs will only contain the name of the business and perhaps a tagline. Do not sell anything using the sign. You can indicate that you are open 24 hours to provide services since it is necessary for them to know. Save the details regarding your products and the services you offer for posters and other campaign tools.

Keep the design simple

You do not want to distract people. The goal of putting the sign up is for everyone to see the name of your company and its nature. Use only a few words if possible. Besides, if you include a lot of words, you might have to minimise the font. It might become impossible to view from afar. You want quick readability and a call to action.

Avoid using complicated fonts

You want the fonts to be large enough for people to see, but you also want them to feel enticed to come closer. The problem is when you use fonts that are too difficult to read, and people confuse one letter with another. Avoid cursive fonts since they are difficult to read from afar.

Partner with a quality company

Even if you have quality sign designs on the computer, it does not automatically translate to a good result. You need to choose a sign company that will deliver. Check out Afri Sign South Africa since they have a proven track record in making quality signage.

Put up the sign in the right place

You need to drive around the area and identify the perfect location for the sign. You want the site to be free from obstructions, especially when viewed from the road; otherwise, no one will see what you put up, and you will be wasting your opportunity to advertise.

Make the sign memorable

You can add one picture to attract attention. If you have a company logo or mascot, you can use those symbols for easy recall. Consider the use of colours carefully. You want them to look appealing, but not distracting.

Take your time to design an excellent sign to ensure quality.



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