The Need to be Cautious When Marketing to Students

Targeting university students to buy your products and services is a tall order. They are not easy to convince. They do not have lots of money to splurge. They are extra careful with their spending. If you wish to entice them to buy your products, you need to take time crafting an excellent ad campaign; otherwise, you are only wasting your time and resources.

Use social media wisely

The best way to reach young audiences is through social media. You can set up accounts where you can post updates about your company. You talk about your products, upcoming deals and promotions. Once your ads go viral, more students will give the products a second look.

Conversely, if you do not have a social media marketing plan, your campaign could backfire. For instance, if you are publishing a video, you need to check the content several times. Keep it short but meaty. Remove unnecessary clips. Use real people who are using your products instead of paid models who are not relatable. If you release an ad that looks funny or disgusting, the video could go viral, but for the wrong reason.

Be sensitive

Recently, there have been lots of ads that damaged the reputation of companies instead of promoting them. Some ads receive accusations of racism and cultural appropriation. Others got criticism for being tone-deaf. Some ads made fun of people for being fat, ugly or disabled. If you notice, the loudest outcry with the release of these ads came from the younger generation. It shows that they are a sensitive group. You might think that the ads are funny, but for them, they are insensitive and offensive.

It is hard to earn their trust

We also have a generation which has felt the adverse impact of capitalism. They have sky-high college loan debts. They feel like they do not have the same job opportunities as the people in the past. They have suffered economic problems because of how the previous generation rigged the system. They live in a world that is on the brink of collapse due to global warming caused by human activities. These are students who have a lot of reasons to be angry especially with the business sector. Therefore, you need to take the time to get their trust. If you lose it, you will have a hard time getting it back.

They can sense if you are inauthentic

You might think that you can fake your way to arrive on top of your competitors. If that strategy worked with old people, you cannot expect the same thing when you start marketing to students. They can sense if you are lying to them. They know when your offer is too good to be true. They will most likely look for a catch since they understand how businesses operate.

Given these reasons, you need to patiently revise your ads before publication, regardless of the medium. You also need young people on your team to help determine if your ad campaign is worthy.



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