Tips on Renting Audio Visual Equipment to Use for Your Next Event

Quality audiovisual equipment is at the heart of any event that you are organising. Whether it is a concert or a corporate event, you need quality lighting and sound; otherwise, it will negatively affect the mood. Imagine attending an event without quality sound systems or with poor lighting. You will not feel the vibe and be in the mood to have fun.

It could be worse if you have asked people to pay to watch the event. They are expecting quality results. If you want only the best for this event, these are some tips you need to consider for your AV hire.

Determine your budget

The AV equipment will only be a portion of the expenses in staging the event. You still have other costs to consider. Therefore, you need to create a budget plan that includes a realistic amount for the AV equipment. It helps you avoid going beyond what the organisers could afford to pay for the event.

Consult experts

You might ask people who have organised an event similar to what you are hosting to know the average cost of the AV equipment rental. You will also receive information on the best rental companies out there for you to partner with.

Ask your guests

If you are inviting musicians and other stage performers, they might know where you could rent the best equipment. Apart from that, some of them might even have demands that you need to meet based on the contract. If they have preferences, you need to address them.

List everything that you need

It is not enough to indicate that you need an entire AV package. You need to provide more specific details since the package changes based on the event. Concerts might require a complete set of drums, guitars, microphones, and many other items. If there is a corporate event, you might need projectors, speakers and wireless microphones for people from the audience who might ask questions.

Compare options

Look around to compare different AV rental companies out there. Read reviews to know what previous clients think of them. You might also go to their website or social media pages to understand the events they helped organise in the past.

Check the venue

You need to know first what type of equipment will work with the site. The size and layout of the venue matter. Some places might even include AV equipment as part of the package. It also helps if you could ask the AV rental company if they have used their equipment in the same place where you are holding the event.

Seal the deal early

AV rental companies are always busy given the number of events that they host. Therefore, you need to book their services as early as possible to avoid problems. You might also negotiate the cost with them if you book early.

Anything could happen while the show is running, but people will forget the issues if you give them a positive vibe with the help of sounds and lights.



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