Ways to Treat Your Potential Investors Like VIPs

For budding entrepreneurs, it is crucial to have investors who are willing to take a risk on you. They are wealthy individuals who do not mind investing if they are sure that they will get back their investment. You need to pitch your ideas to them first so that they will feel convinced to take their wallets out and help kick start your business.

Apart from the actual pitch, you also need to treat them like VIPs. You are asking for a huge favour from them. It does not hurt to make the extra effort to make them feel special. These are some ways that could help you attract these investors.

Let all employees know about the arrival of the investor

When asking the investor to come to your office, you need to let everyone know about it. From the reception staff to the security staff, they need to make the person feel welcome at work. The work environment could also help shape the decision of the investor. Everything needs to feel positive right from the start.

Arrange the trip well

If you are flying this person from another place to go to your office to listen to your pitch, you need to arrange the trip. Book the most convenient flight possible. Upon arrival at the airport, it is crucial to have the best business taxi services available. There needs to be a smooth flow until the arrival at your place. You do not want your investor to be in a bad mood when listening to you.

Prepare the meeting room

You will pitch your ideas in a meeting room. You can decide whether to invite several employees to listen to you or make it a private conversation between you and the potential investor. You need to have a spacious room to make the environment relaxing. You also need to prepare the equipment you will use as you deliver your pitch. If you need slides or printed materials, you also need to prepare them before the arrival of the investor. It shows that you are capable of handling significant transactions as a leader.

Ask for feedback

Most investors will not give their decision on the spot unless they feel enticed by the pitch and they do not want to let go of the opportunity. They know that start-ups try different options, and another investor could swoop in and take the chance. Since there is a huge amount of money involved, investors will take their time to think. The least that you can do is ask for feedback. It does not mean that you are putting pressure on the investor to tell you what he thinks. It is a sign of respect since you show that you are open to ideas. You want to listen for improvement. The feedback does not have to be about the content of the pitch but could be on your manner of delivery. You could use the ideas for future pitches.

Give something to take home

Regardless of the result, you need to give a souvenir as a way of saying thank you for at least listening to your ideas.

This endeavour may not turn out the way you hope, but at least you made the investor feel special. Your paths might cross again for future projects, so you need to ensure a positive relationship.


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